January 20, 2012

We’re Going to Grade Twin Cities Venues

As a musical group for hire, we have seen and experienced conduct by the managements and staffs at various venues around the Twin Cities that many clients don’t see until the day of their event. In some cases, it has led to frustrations and disappointments for the clients.

We’ve worked with clients who have spent major $$$ to rent space at a well-known hotel, restaurant, or pavilion, only to find on the day of their event that space, food, and/or services contracted for aren’t delivered at the level expected. So we decided to develop a venue grading system based upon 4 or 5 relevant categories; we’ll be rolling it out next week.

What prompted this was the experience we had at our first gig of the new year. It was a private corporate event held at an exclusive private club. The management and staff of the club were truly outstanding (professional and accommodating) toward the band and the guests. The experience was a cut above what we’ve seen at some other venues during the past year, so we thought…..”Why not let potential clients of the venues know about the good, the bad, and the ugly?” Our intention is to provide enough information so that problem areas can be addressed up front, thereby eliminating surprises on the day of the big event.

Watch this space.

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