April 1, 2017

Metro Retro selected as official band for all State political functions

It was announced this morning that Twin Cities Jazz Band Metro Retro has been selected as the official band for all state political functions.

A state representative, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the selection was based upon the substantive points in Metro Retro drummer/manager Tom Wahlrobe’s presentation to the selection committee.

The key points of his presentation are:

  • The band can range in size from a trio through sextet, enabling it to provide the right level and type of music for political venues ranging in size from airport vans and small conference rooms, to the state capitol and the BWCA.
  • The band is comprised of professional Twin Cities musicians. What happens at a Metro Retro performance stays at a Metro Retro performance.
  • The band has over 900 tunes in its repertoire. It can outlast any legislative negotiation or deliberation.
  • There won’t be any charges of favoritism. Band management disdains all things political, no matter which party is involved.
  • The band can be featured or in the background. It can either play loudly enough to drown out excessive bickering or play softly enough so that all sorts of quiet deals can be made during a performance.

The band wishes all its clients a happy April 1, 2017.

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