September 16, 2017

High profile semi-public events in September

The band moves away from its traditional smaller private events to play for larger audiences during September.


On September 16th, Metro Retro’s trio (Chris Lomheim, piano; Steve Pikal, bass; Tom Wahlrobe, drums) will provide the background music for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s 2017 – 2018 opening weekend celebration at the St. Paul Hotel.


On September 21st, Metro Retro’s quartet (Chris Lomheim; Tom Wahlrobe; Graydon Peterson, bass; Dave Karr, saxophone) will play for Dunwoody College’s historic groundbreaking celebration. The college is beginning a major construction project which will dramatically transform its 100 year old campus.


The band is booked for events into 2017, including during Super Bowl week.

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